DM News: Making Voice Search Pay

Time will tell if search intelligence and digital experience players can close the voice search gap, bringing users closer to making transactions over voice.

Recently, I sat down with search technology innovator Dominic Joseph, the co-founder/CEO of Captify. The unique Semantic Technology developed by the company provides search intelligence that informs the campaigns of major brands like Nike, Apple and Adidas.

Joseph points to an eMarketer study from earlier this year that shows that making purchases is still the least likely action users take over voice.

“Although the era of voice is here, there is still a need for voice search to provide a visual response as an option in order to enter its next phase,” Joseph stated. “This causes a really big problem for brands that are trying to connect with consumers and drive sales through voice. Google and Amazon are currently the first touchpoint for consumers voice searching and will prioritize their products above other brands, which ultimately leaves consumers with a biased response.”

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